Provence extra virgin A.O.C. Black olive

A drizzle of A.O.C. olive oil

Olives and olive oils

When olive oils and dishes go together

Dish / recipe : Provence extra virgin A.O.C. olive

« Olive oil has always been considered as the noblest form of edible fat. 100% pure fruit juice, it may be used to season any kind of cold or hot dish, raw as well as cooked.

More or less sweet, more or less fruity, more or less elaborate, its flavour varies depending on soils, olive varieties, climate, time of harvest, weather, olive storage period before processing and of course the miller's skills.

As for wine, there are different varieties of oil. In order to be sure that the oil goes with the dish, you have to respect two golden rules: the rule of the matching. »

Oils and dishes of the same flavour go together

« Sweet oils go with sweet dishes. Slightly fruity oils, such as the Salonenque, go with subtly flavoured dishes. In that situation, the olive oil will enhance the flavour of the dish without masking what the ingredients taste like. For example, grated carrots, some salads such as lettuces, poached fish, courgettes…

Strongly fruity oils with strong dishes. Strongly fruity oils, such as the Aglandau, go with strongly flavoured food, for example tomatoes, peppers, artichokes, anchovies, leeks, cabbage…. »

The rule of the

« The “fruité vert” Olive oil fruité vert have been extracted from olives that have been ground right after picking before any oxidative degradation.

Consequently, these oil varieties produced from fresh olives have more or less strong herbaceous notes: apple, artichoke, , hazelnut, tomato…

The fruité vert oils are classified as extra virgin because of their low (less than 0,8g) and their extraordinary flavour.

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